Are you sitting there waiting for your Google Ads to convert? Sometimes it’s about waiting, but when it’s not, there are some actions you can take to help them along their merry way.

Here are 10 reasons why your Google Ads may not be converting.

1. Sometimes it’s about patience

Google AI relies on machine learning algorithms and needs some time to optimise your ad delivery. This is known as the algorithmic learning period and varies based on how often your ad is served. If your ads aren’t converting right away - it may just be a question of waiting for the AI to collect enough data.

2. Hang up your expectations at the door

If you’re getting no conversions - like zero - some troubleshooting might be required. If you’re getting fewer conversions than expected, it’s probably worth evaluating your expectations. Conversion rates vary significantly across industries, locations and businesses.

3. Conversion tracking issues

If there are no conversions, it could well be that your conversion tracking just isn’t set up to see them. Double-check the Google Tags to avoid miscounting Conversions. A key indicator is if you’re receiving sales or inquiries that aren’t appearing within Google Ads.

4. It’s about Location, Location, Location

Perhaps you’ve miss-clicked or even intentionally set the location to where you’re based but still aren’t seeing conversions. Double-check the Location settings to ensure the location isn’t too small to generate impressions and are set up correctly.

5. Seasonality

It’s not uncommon for Conversions to dip or increase throughout the seasons. If you don’t have enough data to see what happens to your conversions throughout the year, adjusting your bids or ad schedule may be worthwhile to influence it.

6. Budgets

If your budget is too small, Google Ads will struggle to find auctions for you to win. Make sure your bids are high enough to enter or win these auctions.

7. Landing Pages

Optimised Landing Pages are a crucial element of a successful Google Ads campaign. Ensure your landing page is responsive, fast loading and reiterates the messaging on your ads.

8. Ad Copy

Your ad copy might need a tweak. Take a look at your CTR; if it seems high, try and reword the headlines and descriptions to reflect your service or product better.

9. Keyword targeting

The connection between the keyword you are appearing in and the content of your ad needs to be strong. This also goes for your landing page. If you review your keywords and see words in there that do not strongly relate to your product or service, remove them. If you see words that are closely connected with what you do, add them to your ad group.

10. Branding

Branding builds customer confidence; if your branding smells off, it may deter potential customers. Have a 3rd party take a fresh look at your branding to give that all-important sniff test. They may be able to help point out there it lacks or raises the eyebrows of potential prospects.

There are many reasons why your Google Ads may not be converting, but taking proactive action can speed up the time it takes to get a converting campaign off the ground.