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Audits & reviews from £550

Reviews & audits
to improve performance.

Our reviews provide a bird's eye view of your campaign's surface-level performance, while our audits go deeper to uncover underlying issues and opportunities for growth.

We invest in our team's capabilities.

Our entire team holds up-to-date certifications and partnerships with Google and Bing ad platforms.

When do you
need an account audit?

Account audits are essential for businesses running ad campaigns and should be conducted when moving an account from one agency to another, on a recurring timescale such as yearly audits, or when a second opinion is required.

  • When your agency takes over an account from another agency or brand.
  • For regular yearly audits of your own accounts to ensure optimal performance and capitalize on all opportunities.
  • When the account holder seeks a second opinion and hires your agency for a one-off account audit.

When is a review
not an audit.

Our opinion is that an account review is not an audit if it is a routine check on the performance of an account or a campaign, or if it is not conducted in-depth and with a clear methodology.

An account review is a quick health check to see if everything is working correctly and if there are any obvious areas for improvement. It also includes a brief analysis of performance metrics without performing an in-depth review or making recommendations for significant changes.

In contrast, an audit is a more thorough examination of an account, encompassing all aspects of performance to identify areas for improvement and develop recommendations for optimisation.

A commitment to data‑driven
decision making. 👍🏼

We always look at the following, as a minimum, across our ad campaigns during audits.

This includes an overview and best practices for different campaign types such as search, shopping, performance max, YouTube, and discovery.

This covers the structure and setup of campaigns, ad groups, and keywords to ensure they are organized efficiently and targeting the right audience.

this section identifies opportunities for growth and improvement based on performance data analysis and industry trends.

This outlines a framework for ongoing optimization of campaigns that focuses on key performance metrics and best practices.

This is a review of the shopping product feed to ensure its completeness and accuracy.

This section identifies optimization opportunities such as improving product titles, descriptions, and images to increase visibility and improve conversions.

This covers optimizing product SKUs to align them with search queries and consumer behavior.

This section provides recommendations for optimizing and improving the shopping feed based on industry best practices.

This section covers how to select the right keywords for campaigns based on research and analysis.

This is a review and setup of negative keywords and lists to minimize irrelevant traffic and improve ad targeting.

This covers the use of match types such as broad match, phrase match, and exact match to efficiently target keywords and maximize reach.

This covers setting up audience targeting based on demographics, interests, and behavior.

This section discusses how to use first-party data such as website visitors, customer lists, and app activity to create custom audiences.

This includes an audit of current audience targeting and recommendations for improving targeting to increase conversions.

This covers best practices for creating effective ad copy that resonates with target audiences.

This covers using high-quality images and videos that align with the brand and product messaging.

This is a review of current creative assets and recommendations for improving overall messaging and visual appeal.

This section covers how to allocate campaign budgets based on business goals and performance data.

This includes optimizing bids for ad auctions based on various factors such as ad placement and device targeting.

This covers selecting the right bid strategy for campaigns and adjusting

This covers key account settings such as time zone, currency, and ad rotation to optimize performance and reporting.

This is a review and setup of conversion tracking to accurately measure and attribute campaign performance.

This covers setting up scripts and rules for automating routine tasks and applying custom optimizations to campaigns.

This is a review and setup of Google Merchant Center to manage and optimize shopping campaigns.

This covers setting up Google Analytics to track website traffic and user behavior, and to gain insights for marketing optimization.

Popular questions we get asked.

Taking the time to understand the history and activity of an ad account is important. Looking at the last 12 months of data and sharing a list of questions and recommendations helps to gain a better understanding. It also provides a list of opportunities and areas for improvement in the account. A specific playbook is created for each company to set them up for success.

We review the history and activity of an ad account to gain the best possible understanding of what has been going on and identify opportunities and areas for improvement in the account. This allows us to create a tailored playbook for the client to set them up for success for years to come.

Creating a tailored playbook for each client allows us to set the client up for success by providing specific recommendations and strategies that are unique to the client's needs and goals. This can result in better performance and ROI for the client.

As a digital marketing agency, we suggest a 1-on-1 meeting after an audit to discuss the findings and recommendations with the client. This provides us with the opportunity to explain the audit results in greater detail, answer any questions the client may have, and get their feedback and additional context.

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