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The #1 European eSignature solution decreased their average CPA by 15% and increased their budget 3x.



The founder contacted our team to explore ways to improve their existing Google Ads campaign. After attempting to manage their campaigns in-house, frustration had set in, and they wanted to hand over responsibility and start enjoying further growth.

The business provides free trials to users in the hope they discover the value of the tool and go on to purchase a full license. Using Google Ads, they had attracted many trial users but found it challenging to find users who also continued to buy a license.

Our goal was simple. Provide a way to increase license sales within three months consistently.

The Challenge

Unsurprisingly the searches we explored avoided value-loaded keywords and instead searched for the product’s capabilities. Performing searches like ‘digital signature solution’ or ‘esignature subscription’ vs ‘free esignature subscruption’ or ‘trial digital signature solution’.

Next, we developed 3 landing pages that captured the user’s search intent and echoed it back to them. Reflecting user language is an excellent way of providing the user with precisely what they search for, and it helps confirm they’ve found what they’ve been looking for. On each landing page, we introduced a button that whisked each user off to sign up for an evaluation, explaining the process ahead of them.

Google ads paid search for SaaS solution

The Results

After a couple of weeks, the number of evaluators reduced, but the number of full license purchases increased. Using a combination of keyword bidding and intelligently designed landing pages, we could spend a little more on attracting evaluators - but less overall due to the increase in license purchases.

Over the next 2 months, the optimisations started to kick in, and our negative keyword lists grew by the day. Eventually, by the time our contract had finished, the business had a systematic way of sourcing evaluators who converted at a higher rate than before. Now, this business can turn on/off the campaign and control the volume of evaluators/license sales.