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Campaigns managed by industry experts

Ad campaigns for leads, prospects & enquiries.

We'll develop innovative PPC strategies resulting in ad campaigns that get you the attention of your perfect customers and generate inbound enquiries for your business.

We invest in our team's capabilities.

Our entire team holds up-to-date certifications and partnerships with Google and Bing ad platforms.

"We are winning all types of orders."

"We now have a total of £10,440.06 confirmed ROI from the May enquiries . We also have a job on there for £12,257.90 from our developments... We are winning all types of orders through the ads campaign. I will make sure to keep you all in the loop but good news so far "

"In search for corporate software licensees, the Google Ads campaign was transformed overnight to support new commercial goals and started showing results within the first 7 days."

"We are so happy with the results and the response to any concerns in which we have. Needless to say we would 100% recommend these guys!"

"I would highly recommend Where Marketing Works. We worked closely together on a complex project and they did amazingly. "

"I have been using 'Where Marketing Works' for our PPC Ads and Landing pages for around 2 years now. They've been absolutely superb in skill and dedication to helping my company grow. I can't recommend them highly enough!"

"A company that you can trust with your ongoing marketing strategy and spend. "

"Richard + co have been instrumental in boosting customers for our business. "

What makes Google Ads the perfect base for your business

Right at the centre of the ad industry sits the perfect customer - someone who needs your product or service and is prepared to order it right then and there. Every week, billions of pounds are spent attempting to reach them, persuade them and capture their spending.

Google Ads is so valuable to businesses like yours because they can help you reach these perfect customers right at the point they are actively searching for your product or service, enabling you to capture their intent and sell to them.

With our expertise, your business will benefit from ad campaigns that run profitably and provide a predictable volume of new sales or leads consistently every month of the year.

We've got it from here.

For some, running an ad campaign is risky, but for others, it's the lifeblood of their business. Our PPC team have been responsible for using ad campaigns for both emerging and established businesses through the years, and we know what to implement and what to concentrate on for maximum results.

We've got you covered

Research and Setup

Our team will learn about your business and market to establish a campaign that supports your goals, including detailed keyword research.

We've got you covered

Monitor and Manage

We will work hard to keep your campaign performing well and monitor its progress for optimal results every day of the month.

We've got you covered

Reporting and Communication

We'll keep you in the loop with regular reports on campaign performance and prioritise effective communication for true collaboration.

We've got you covered

Accessible Service

Speak with your Strategist Monday through Friday during office hours for any questions, observations or concerns.

We've got you covered

Leads that need you

Our campaigns will attract high-intent prospects - people keen to move forward with your services now, not tomorrow.

We've got you covered

Retention Efforts

With a 30-day notice period, we will work hard to earn your loyalty every month. Our current (2023) retention rate is 95% based over 3 years.

Safe & sound
in your account.

By building our campaigns within your Google Ad account, you will have complete visibility into our progress and activities, but most importantly, you'll retain the data. This level of transparency lets you track which keywords drive the most valuable customers to your business, ensuring that your advertising budget is used effectively.

It also means that we remain a custodian of your account, but you remain the owner, which is vital if you cease to work with us, as it means you'll take your account and all of the conversion data with you if you leave.

For those who want to dig deeper.

We aim to help businesses increase revenue by implementing smarter Google Ads management. We achieve this through highly optimized, conversion-focused campaigns that leverage our expertise in data analysis, algorithmic automation, creativity, psychology, and landing page design.

Our process begins with thorough research and data analysis to deeply understand your business and past marketing efforts. We collaborate closely with you to incorporate your in-house knowledge and expertise to align our Google Ads strategies with your objectives and goals.

Our commitment to data-driven decision making and personalized service ensures that we are able to deliver a truly unique Google Ads managed service tailored to your business needs.

Our process laid bare.

We produce consistent and long-lasting outcomes thanks to our transparent process.

Conducting a comprehensive industry analysis that includes market share, competitors, and industry trends to understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats facing the business.

Evaluating the existing data to see what is and isn't working, reviewing previous Google Ads campaigns, and uncovering where the opportunities are to get the best results.

Defining user personas involves creating an understanding of ideal customers' needs, pain points, behaviors, search patterns, demographic information, and search intent to tailor Google Ads strategies accurately.

Researching the best keywords that align with business goals and reflect targeting potential users' needs is the essential component of this task.

Creating a comprehensive audience strategy that leverages data sources available to refine the targeting, segmenting, bidding, and allocation approach overall.

The first task in this stage is to understand the client's business goals. Identify how Google Ads can help achieve those goals with the relevant features such as search ads, display ads, video ads, shopping ads, or app campaigns.

It's essential to agree on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to evaluate the Google Ads campaign's success. Set up KPIs aligned with business goals such as ROI, cost per acquisition, or conversion rate.

With Google Ads' capabilities for targeting users by demographics, interests, behavior, and search intent, identifying a target audience that aligns with business goals is key. Create a detailed profile of the ideal target audience to select the relevant targeting options such as in-market audiences, custom affinity audiences, and demographic targeting.

Analyse the chosen keywords and prioritise the keywords with the highest search volume and relevance. For instance, using exact match keywords, phrase match keywords, broad match modifiers, and negative keywords reduces the chances of irrelevant clicks.

Based on the correct target audience and prioritized keywords, develop a marketing budget. Use tools like Google's Keyword Planner to understand the estimated cost per click (CPC) and set a realistic budget. Optimize the budget by allocating the right amount of spend to each campaign, ad group, and keyword.

The first task in this stage is to track the data using Google Ads features like conversion tracking, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager. Analyse the data to understand the performance of campaigns, ad groups, and keywords.

Based on the analyzed data, optimize the Google Ads campaigns by identifying what's working and what's not working. Adjust the bid strategy, targeting options, and ad copy to improve performance.

A/B testing is the practice of testing two different ad variations to determine which one performs better. Use Google Ads' A/B testing capabilities to test ad copy, landing pages, and call-to-action buttons, among other things.

A/B testing is the practice of testing two different ad variations to determine which one performs better. Use Google Ads' A/B testing capabilities to test ad copy, landing pages, and call-to-action buttons, among other things.

Develop regular Google Ads reports to track performance and communicate results to the client. Use client-friendly language and present the data in a way that is easy to understand.

A strong account structure is critical to the success of Google Ads campaigns. Use Google Ads' capabilities like campaigns, ad groups, and keywords to create an organized and structured account.

High-quality score keywords are essential for reducing the cost per click and increasing the ad rank. Use Google Ads' quality score metric to identify high-quality score keywords and focus on them.

Compelling ad copy is critical for driving clicks and conversions. Use Google Ads' ad creation features to create compelling ad copy that aligns with specific ad groups and keywords.

Ad extensions are additional pieces of information that appear alongside the ad and increase the likelihood of clicks. Use Google Ads' capabilities for implementing different types of ad extensions, such as sitelink extensions, call extensions, and location extensions.

Continuously optimize Google Ads campaigns for performance, based on data insights and the identified areas for improvement. Use Google Ads' automated bid strategies, such as target CPA, target ROAS, and maximize clicks.

Popular questions we get asked.

We manage various budgets, although a client budget between £2,500 and £11,000 per month is more common than not.

We work with all types of businesses. If you can talk to your mum about your business, we'll be happy to work with you. If it makes her blush or cringe, we probably won't.

You can see a few examples on our Work page.

Our services range from a few hundred to several thousand pounds per month. It depends on your requirements - Simplistic ad accounts are more straightforward to manage. The majority of our accounts sit happily between £650 > £1,500 per month.

We onboard our clients within 1 week of receiving payment. Within the first month our clients can expect conversions and through the proceeding months, those conversions (i) increase in quality and (ii) volume.

You'll typically speak with Richard - the founder. You can call him on 01223 911 174. He'll provide you with advice and guidance but usually it's a combination of John and Richard who manage our accounts. They each have over 11 years of experience doing this and are perfectly placed to help you draw in new customers.

If things don't work out, then we can go our separate ways. As we act as a temporary custodian of your Accounts and run our services on a 30-day notice period, leaving is as easy as joining us. Just a little more heart-breaking.

"Hey, Siri play 'Lady In Red' by Chris De Burgh".

We're a friendly team, available for ambitious businesses looking for that next step.

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