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Ligna Consultancy generated 198% more leads with their first fully-managed Google Ad campaign.

  • Increase sales enquiries
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Generate repeat sales
  • Drive sales using paid search ads by showing ads at the right time
  • Establish a reputation by increasing Impression Share
  • Create a reminder campaign to catch recurring sales
  • 198% increase in Leads
  • 56% increase in Impression Share
  • 11x increase in ROAS


Ben had attempted to work with several different PPC specialists before giving up and contacting our team. The previous results had been less than stellar, and Ben wanted a more personal/strategic approach.

Starting the consultancy in 2016, Ben had relied on word-of-mouth (referrals) for new sales enquiries but had become frustrated with the speed of growth under this strategy. Now, he wanted to control the velocity and volume of inbound sales leads so he could control the rate at which his business grew.

The Strategy

As Ben had worked with other PPC specialists, our team had access to some keyword data from previous campaigns. Ben had also experimented with running PPC accounts himself, and with these activities combined, we had a rich set of data to examine in preparation for building our own.

Looking through Google Ads, exporting the existing keyword data and building pivot tables enabled us to discover what had worked, what hadn’t and what potentially could work better with some tweaking.

Combing the data from Google Ads with Google Analytics provided more insights. Together, we could see which keywords brought the highest quality traffic and what content they reviewed when arriving on the business website.

After a long Zoom, everyone agreed with the new strategy, and we swiftly set about the execution side of things.

The Results

From the get-go, the initial campaign brought in dozens of new enquiries - all relevant to the targeted keywords and all within the agreed service area of the business.

The downside was that the conversions were 50% more expensive than the amount specified in the original brief. Over the first two months, our team optimised the account, taking time to exclude the keywords responsible for generating the more expensive enquiries. Over time, we also collected enough data to introduce demographic-based targeting, resulting in a campaign that continued to gain accuracy and efficiency every month.

The campaigns continue to benefit from ongoing optimisations, and the business has grown exponentially. The service area is now broader, covering the majority of the UK, and the team has grown to encompass various disciplines such as administration, sales and additional specialist consultants.

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