Ben had struggled to find the right PPC specialists to help grow his business before turning to our team for a more personal and strategic approach. Though he had also relied on word-of-mouth referrals for most inbound enquiries, he became frustrated with the pace of growth and sought a more controlled method for generating inbound sales leads.

The Strategy

To help inform our approach, we conducted extensive marketing research. This included analyzing prospective audiences, identifying target geographies, and performing some competitor analysis using third-party tools such as Semrush. We also leveraged some of the keyword data from Ben’s past campaigns as well as his own experiments with running PPC accounts.

By combining this information with data from Google Analytics, we were able to pinpoint the most effective keywords and content for attracting high-quality traffic. After presenting several options and engaging in a successful planning meeting with Ben, we moved forward with the most promising PPC strategy.

The Results

Though our initial campaign brought in new enquiries right away, the cost per conversion was 50% higher than expected. To optimize the account, we quickly deployed changes to the negative keyword list to exclude expensive keywords. As we continued to gather data, we introduced demographic-based targeting to refine the audience definition and drive down costs even further.

We also deployed AI within the Google Ads platform to automate bid adjustments and enhance conversion tracking. These ongoing optimizations have resulted in a highly efficient campaign that continues to yield significant growth for the business.

As a result, Ben’s service area has expanded and he has continued to achieve his goal of controlled growth through targeted inbound sales leads.