The Challenge

Floorspan Contracts approached our team with the goal of growing sales for a new concrete flooring product with some serious green credentials. While the business was already generating high annual revenues through traditional concrete products, they wanted to diversify revenue streams and grow a new environmentally friendly concrete flooring product called eFloor Plus.

The goal was to double existing revenue for the new product whilst protecting margins and generating enough data to reasonably forecast the future sales volumes for this new product.

The Strategy

We created a Google Search campaign after learning about the business’s products and services. Applying a STAG methodology to the campaign enabled us to lean heavily on Google’s AI and create different messaging for each aspect of the new product.

In addition, we also established a re-marketing campaign to drive return visitors from Facebook and Linkedin.

To further reduce our conversion costs, we created a bespoke landing page that showcased the varying themes we applied to our STAG campaign.

The Result

Within the first week, our campaigns had started converting. With costs per lead reaching £15 each and with 1 in every 5 converting, the initial CPA was £75.

Within the first month, the sales team received increased sales enquiries they had never experienced. The volume kept growing as we introduced tweaks to all 3 campaign layers.

Our negative keyword list increased as we shaped the traffic the search campaign generated. With each week that passed, the traffic became more accurate, resulting in a higher proportion of the conversions turning into orders, lowering the CPA further.

Our bespoke landing pages received many tweaks throughout the campaign to improve their relevance and ensure a high Quality Score, further reducing our costs and improving conversion rates.

It was in the 3rd month that the campaign was at the point where the initial CPA had halved, volume had increased two-fold, and the sales team had altered their SOP to manage and process the influx in enquiries successfully.

Now, the campaign can be scaled up and down depending on the business’s needs, and the sales team couldn’t be happier.

"We now have a total of £10,440.06 confirmed ROI from the May enquiries 😊"

"We also have a job on there for £12,257.90 from our developments... We are winning all types of orders through the ads campaign. I will make sure to keep you all in the loop but good news so far "