Floorspan Contracts Celebrate 100% Lead Increases
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Floorspan Contracts generate 100+ enquiries a month using Paid Search Ads representing £1MM in top-line revenue.

  • Build awareness for new product
  • Generate sales enquiries
  • Establish sales Standard Operating Procedures
  • Drive sales using paid search ads by showing ads at the right time
  • Establish a reputation by increasing Impression Share
  • Create a reminder campaign to catch recurring sales
  • 198% increase in Leads
  • 56% increase in Impression Share
  • 11x increase in ROAS

The Challenge

The Sales Director of the business called our team to explore how we could help them hit an ambitious revenue goal after meeting another of our clients and hearing about their successes.

Annual revenues for the business were high and recently surpassed 10’s of million per year. However, due to an ongoing increase in homebuilding activity during 2019/2020, the business was keen to capitalise and grow further.

Initially, the goal was to double the annual revenue using paid search ads as a central component. Working together, we discovered that the budget required for this would not be available from the business in the timescale they wanted, so we formulated a new strategy.

The new strategy would stagger advertisement spending, only increasing it when certain commercial goals were met. This meant that the business didn’t over-expose itself to just a single marketing channel but enabled them to grow alongside a successful campaign.

The Strategy

Learning about the business’s products and services culminated in a new Google Search campaign that applied a STAG methodology - creating groups of similar products and services and targeting these with Ad Groups.

We also created a custom landing page for each grouping to improve their general performance and squeeze more conversions from them. Using a landing page to match the grouping of products and services meant that users would find what they wanted in just a single click of the ad due to the familiarity of the content.

The business also wanted to target a higher-margin product that had just recently launched. The product shared many similarities with the original products but targeted at eco-homebuilders due to its green credentials. We used these unique differentiators to create a different group of products/ads/landing pages that helped carve up the inbound traffic - helping us to show relevant products to a specific set of users.

Floorspan Contracts benefits from A++ Landing pages

Bespoke Landing Pages helps generate extra performance.

The Result

Within 30 days, our campaigns started attracting prospective customers who called the sales team directly or submitted order enquiries.

In the first month, the campaign generated 30 leads - or 1 per day.

The same campaign generated 60 leads in the second month but was 25% cheaper than the first month.

In the third month, the same campaign generated 100+ leads at 50% of the first month’s cost.

The increase in volume provided our team with plenty of data that allowed us to fine-tune the campaign further using a combination of ‘ad copy’ and ‘negative keyword lists. With the higher volume of leads, the enquiries delivered via our paid search campaigns outnumbered the leads the business received organically and via referrals combined.

We started to hit the initial commercial goals prematurely, and the business began to explore additional ways to manage the new flow of inbound enquiries through recruitment, Standard Operating Procedures and hierarchy changes.

Now the business has a scaleable way of attracting new customers whenever needed - tempering the google spend provides them with absolute control over the volume of new customers, allowing them to implement new team members and processes to manage the new flow.