Your website is your company’s central hub for your prospect’s and customer’s interactions with your online brand. The more information you can collect about these interactions, the more effectively you’ll be able to accommodate their requirements and the more value they will take away.

Collecting Analytics from your online website equips you with more information for the commercial decisions you take. Statistics like time on site, new vs returning visitors, bounce rate, sessions by city, popular pages and more, help you define the type of visitors who are looking for your services and products and represent your target audience. By reviewing these analytics through tools such as Google Analytics or Bing Analytics, you can create a detailed profile of those who are looking for services or products like yours which will help you refine your website and advertisement campaigns to service them far better as time goes on.

Google Web Console

Google Web Console is a free tool provided by Google which provides an overview of the type of Search Queries visitors are using to find your website. Reviewing the metrics from within this tool are crucial to discovering which search terms are resulting in your website appearing in results. If there are search terms which are unrelated to your business, services or products, it means that Google has misunderstood your website and you will need to review the meta tags, headers and content within your web page to discover which of these items are confusing the search engine.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool which provides you absolute transparency over the interactions your website experiences, including visitor or bot traffic. Using this powerful analytics tool you can understand where your website visitors are coming from (referrals, direct traffic, organic search traffic) and how they are interacting with your website. Key metrics include time on site, pages per session, events triggered and bounce rates. Reviewing these key metrics provide you with an insight into how relevant your website is to potential customers - high bounce rates could reflect that your pages aren’t answering the questions your audience has. A high amount of time spent on your website could reflect the opposite, however it is only by evaluating a number of relevant metrics that a conclusion can be made.

Uncover your website statistics

If you have a website which has been live for a number of months, we recommend connecting Google Web Console and Google Analytics to your website to help you understand if it is driving value for your business. Connecting these two tools to your website is as simple as inserting a number of tags into the header and body of your website and can result in a tremendous amount of actionable insights. You may discover that your website isn’t experiencing any traffic from relevant search terms or the pages you think are describing your most popular service are in fact driving high bounce rates or perhaps you may simply uncover that your website is driving traffic away from your lead collection forms. With Analytics, you can truly understand the value of your current website and use it to drive more value and fundamentally, more inbound sales leads.