When it comes time to leave Yell, the process for taking your domain with you is some-what simple - even if your Yell representative tells you otherwise. The process is the same regardless of who you registered your domain with, so you could use this process for transferring your domain from 1and1, 123-reg, GoDaddy or any number of registrars.

Your account must have an authorized person. The Yell account holder has to be the person who makes the call to yell.com to cancel the existing business website and initiate the transfer. If you would rather not perform this process, you can add [email protected] and Richard Pickul as an authorized person to your Yell account. We can then step in and make the call on your behalf - this is currently possible but we’re not sure how long they’ll allow it.

The process is highlighted below.

1. Make a note of your Yell account number (You’ll need it when you call).

2. Call 0800 555 444 (option 3) to speak with the technical team over at Yell.com.

3. Cancel your website package with Yell.com - they will e-mail you confirmation.

4. Request a domain name transfer - Yell.com will email a confirmation requesting an IPS tag.

4b. Add the name Richard Pickul ([email protected]) to your Yell account. Only do this if you want us to pursue the domain transfer on your behalf. Skip this stage if you will be responsible for this process..

5. Reply to the e-mail request with the IPS tag “1AND1”. This represents our registrar - if you have your own, feel free to use the IPS tag associated with your registrar.

6. Notify us as soon as this has been completed.

As with most big businesses, procedures can change with no or very little notice. If you follow these instructions and something different occurs, please let us know. We’re here to help. Something important to note is that when you transfer a domain from one registrar to another, the associated e-mail address will stop functioning. You may also be unable to access previous e-mails. We would recommend making a backup of your existing e-mails to avoid losing this data - we can help you do this if you’re unsure of how to.

After all of this - you’re free. We can either host your domain or we can setup an account for you on a registrar of your choosing. The important part is that you’re free and we’re able to build and connect your new replacement website.