The Challenge

Beach Babies Nurseries had a website that was insufficient for their needs, created by an inexperienced freelancer. Their single-page website provided limited information, with very few location-specific or relevant insights. As a result, they had few users visiting their website, and those that did had little engagement. Bounce rates were high, and there were only a handful of page views per user session.

Moreover, the contact form’s low submission rate was an additional indicator of the website’s inability to generate enquiries or bookings. Consequently, the Founder was left with little perception that any enquiries were generated from the website. This left Beach Babies Nurseries with little to no presence in online searches, making it challenging to drive new enquiries and generate more business.

The Strategy

Our team worked closely with the Beach Babies Nurseries founder to define their objectives and understand their business better. We analyzed their current website and identified the areas that needed paramount attention, including search engine rankings, design, engagement, and content.

In addressing these issues, we crafted a new website that included location-specific information, rich multimedia content, and a modern design. We also ensured a smooth user journey, fast website loading speed, and reliable hosting. In addition, we optimized the website with SEO techniques so that it would rank higher on search engines and increase organic traffic. We also incorporated a strategic method for publishing blogs, aimed to provide insights relevant to the needs of the target audience.

The Result

Our approach to strategic website design, integration of rich schema data, SEO optimization, and blog publishing has led Beach Babies Nurseries to succeed. The website we designed achieved a 100/100 rating by Google’s performance tool - Lighthouse, making it one of the fastest and most reliable websites in its niche. In addition to its performance and user experience, its high organic ranking has resulted in a high percentage of organic clicks translating directly into sales enquiries, thereby making it more profitable.

Overall, our team’s expertise allowed Beach Babies Nurseries to boost their online presence, resulting in increased sales. Our combined marketing and web solutions have helped the Nursery establish a more sustainable and profitable business.