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A modern website for a growing, ambitious and beloved children's nursery.


The Challenge

The founder of Beach Babies nurseries contacted our team to explore ways they could increase nursery bookings using online marketing strategies.

For a long time, the nursery’s online footprint had been the responsibility of the founder’s friends, family and nursery employees. Shortly after coming across a competitor’s website, they realised they might need professional support to move the nursery forward and gain the attention and growth they wanted.

The Strategy

After several face-to-face meetings at the beautiful Wilburton nursery, we thoroughly understood their objectives and ambitions and were keen to help.

The pre-existing website was a simple WordPress template which provided a quick overview of the nursery’s locations and opening hours. It also included a contact form for interested parents to submit enquiries.

Reviewing the pre-existing website’s Google Analytics, it was clear that traffic to the site was low and that the visiting users weren’t engaging its content - Bounce Rates were high, and the number of pages per Session was in single digits.

Website form submissions were so low that the founder didn’t believe any enquiries had been received.

At this stage, it was clear what we needed to do.

  • Create a modern website that serves relevant information to parents looking for nursery spaces in the local area.
  • Ensure location-specific pages provide rich insights into each nursery.
  • Break out a space for the nursery to publish forward-looking insights, news and guides.
  • Define a look/feel for the business to refer to for future digital and physical media releases.
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An intuitive, insightful and educational website.

The Result

We decided to build a new website using the latest and greatest technology. JAMSTACK is the perfect suite of tools to build fast static websites that are trivial for Google to crawl/rank.

We invested a lot of time in the design phase, quickly running through several preliminary designs with FIGMA and Balsamiq so that we could perform tweaks and alterations in real time during our review calls.

After a few revisions, all parties agreed on a design, and we started to develop it. We shared our project in real-time, providing a secret URL for our client to watch the site become closer to completion as we built more and more of it.

Throughout the project, we consistently made contact with the founder to discuss the progression of the design. Maintaining the conversation throughout the project was one of the core reasons it was so successful.

The website launched, and shortly afterwards, the pages we had designed to showcase each nursery shot onto the front page of organic search results. A short time after, they continued to appear for a broader range of unbranded keywords producing a volume of high-quality sales enquiries for the nursery.