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A beautiful & modern website that showcases the services of a local bridal start-up.


The Challenge

Designing the initial concept, we used Balsamiq, shortly transitioning to FIGMA to give the designs more life and colour. Each design sprint was an opportunity to jump into a call with the founder to review and discuss future steps.

Our team then set about building the website. We used a modern architecture, JAMSTACK, which allowed us to share a secret URL with the founder, through which they could see the website getting built in real-time. Throughout the project, we communicated clearly, sharing feedback in real-time and getting quick responses to short transactional questions.

The Strategy

Research is crucial in a project like this. We all agreed from the outset that we wanted a website that felt youthful but remained navigable for the older generations.

We borrowed heavily from e-zines, style magazines, fashion newsletters and influencer social feeds - wanting to create a mashup of vibrant images, beautiful photographs and brief/short statements.

We ended up working with the boutique supplies for photographs and writing bespoke descriptions to support them, creating the website around the dresses rather than bending them around our design.

Social is crucial with this audience, and the website provided plenty of opportunities to show how others had interacted with the brand, providing a perfect opportunity to showcase social proof and influence behaviours based on influencer activities.

Controlling your home with a touch of a smart panel

Vivid imagery combined with an intuitive designer catalogue and automated booking system.

The Results

It’s unusual for this business to have spaces for its bridal boutique, and if it does, they are typically filled up way ahead of time. With our Search Engine Optimisation services and automated booking systems, this website works around the clock to fill bridal boutique appointments. It has directly resulted in the business experiencing exponential growth.