The Challenge

Our team was tasked with providing comprehensive branding and website design services for a new business. This required us to develop brand guidelines, logos, and conduct marketing research as part of our design process.

Using the insights from our research, we conceptualized and designed a modern website for the new business, with a focus on user-friendliness and aesthetics. We maintained open communication with the client throughout the process to ensure their vision was fully realized.

The Strategy

We utilised an agile project management approach, breaking up the project into sprints to ensure clear communication and progress tracking. We kept customer communication ongoing so that everyone was up to date with the website’s progression and provided a live URL so that the client could actively monitor its development.

As part of our research, we evaluated multiple technologies to ensure our website design included the required features that best met the client’s needs. We also ensured that the user interface was easy to navigate, and the product offerings were clearly presented.

Our team remained dedicated until all parties were completely satisfied with the end product, ensuring the final design met the client’s vision and objectives.

The Results

Our outstanding website design led to significant growth for the bridal business, with the online booking system fully booked month after month. The optimized SEO allowed for consistent organic reach, delivering users that converted to appointments and supporting the continued business growth.

Through our website design, users were able to view all of the dresses available, book appointments online, and even secure spaces at special one-off events, resulting in bolstered attendance numbers. Overall, the website has been instrumental in the business’s growth, providing a streamlined booking process and improving customer satisfaction.